We provide a clear direction for your PR activities.

Communication Tree understands Public Relations is more than simply attracting publicity. PR involves a measured approach to knowing when and how to deliver your message to the right people. It’s about gaining the most appropriate publicity, at the right time and through the most effective channels.



Your organisation’s reputation is its most important asset.

Nowadays it’s more crucial than ever to proactively ensure your business, agency or group expertly manages its brand and image.

The internet and social media have accentuated the value of good public relations practices for any organisation, no matter its size or type.

That’s why maintaining a strong, clear and consistent line of communication with clients, stakeholders and the wider community is essential.

Communication Tree will develop and deliver PR strategies to build public trust and confidence in your brand.



Communication planning and activities must be based on credible research and thoughtful analysis to be genuinely effective.

We use best practice and quality research to create strategies tailored for your business or organisation.

We deliver strategies based on considered facts and create ideas to position you ahead of the rest.

That’s why you can be confident the way forward will include the right messages for the right audiences at the best times.



Our work will always align with your business goals and objectives.

By listening to what you want, we provide communication advice and support to meet your budget, resources and time-frames.

We offer flexible options for ongoing, casual or once-off services so anyone can access professional communication support when they need it.

Contact us to discuss how we can work with you to build and manage your reputation.