ISSUE MANAGEMENT              

Communication Tree - Issue Management  When unwanted attention comes your way.

Communication Tree is here to help with issue management when you get publicity for all the wrong reasons.

Negative attention online and/or in the news media can cause long-term damage to your brand image and business reputation. This can lead existing and potential clients to question their confidence and trust in your products and services.

In addition, the chances of attracting such attention and the potential magnitude of the damage have increased in wake of the internet and social media. It can take merely hours for a single social media post to go viral.

Timely and professional  advice and support is vital to minimising risks and putting your business back on track.

Our issue management support includes:

  • Advice on handling social media posts and responses
  • Media relations guidance and support 
  • Wider stakeholder relations strategies
  • Long-term plans to ensure your good reputation remains intact once the issue is resolved.

Talk to us about how we can provide ongoing support for your business or enterprise so you can call on us whenever you need the right support.