Social media strategies for business are missing an important tactic

Who’s up for increasing their social media profile? 

I’m sure any business or organisation would love to get their name further afield. But, it is hard to constantly come up with new ideas for posting updates.

Well, here’s a thought: why not use that lull time to interact with others on social media? Yes, engaging with others on social media through your business should be an essential part of any social media strategy.

Too often our strategies simply focus on what we should be posting rather than how we use social media as a means to reach out to and support others in our community.

We follow other business accounts in the hope they may follow back. However, sharing, commenting on, replying to or liking other people’s posts show you are real about using social media to network.

Browse through your news feeds to see what’s happening in your community, industry or areas of interest. Respond to questions, start conversations, or share good news posted by other people or businesses. These are a simple but effective tactics for letting the social media world know you exist.

Word of caution, though, make sure your engagement with others is genuine and not simply an attempt to spam or hijack their post. You don’t want to damage your own reputation by trying to market your products or services through their post.

And, yes, it is not really a ‘hack’ just common sense. After all, social media is about networking and talking to each other. Your business accounts should be no different.

(By the way, sorry about the click bait-style headline but had to get your attention somehow.)